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Local Researchers Rejoice: Archival Donations

In the spirit of the season, GML is donating over 10,000 photographs, photographic negatives, slides and proof sheets from the GML archives covering the period of 1989–2004.

The photographs cover a vast array of places, from small terrace developments to large industrial sites, and national park landscapes. Archaeology of large urban sites also features heavily.

GML is in the process of carefully organising, contacting and delivering packages to over 40 organisations including council libraries, council archives, and state and national organisations. So far, recipients have gratefully received the photographs, which in many cases fill gaps in local collections.

In a process that has taken over 200 hours, we hope these archival donations are beneficial to the local communities in which they find their new home.

Retort House, Former Gasworks Site, c1990s. (Source: GML Heritage)

Exhauster House, Former Gasworks Site, c1990s. (Source: GML Heritage)

Former Gasworks Site, c1990s. (Source: GML Heritage)