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Liz Parkinson—The Underwoods

Liz Parkinson, historian and writer presented a lunchtime talk at GML’s Sydney Office on Thursday 18th September 2014.

Liz is a descendant of James Underwood. James Underwood (1771-1844) was transported for stealing slippers!  James was entrepreneurial and had soon established a shipyard and a distillery.  James’ house and his ship building yard formerly occupied land near 200 George Street.

GML was fascinated to hear about the Underwoods because we excavated the site for Mirvac in 2012-2013.  We are now working on the interpretation of the history and heritage of the site and James Underwood is one of the story’s key characters.

GML recently added Liz’s book Lock Stock and Barrel to our library.  Liz’s talk about her research into the family’s landholdings, businesses and the complicated Estate James left his nine children, and his surviving wife, provided us with an absorbing account of his life.

For more information about the Underwood’s visit Liz’s website:




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