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GML is a Sydney Open 2016 Partner!

GML Heritage is proud to announce that we are a Practice Partner of Sydney Open 2016, Australia’s premier open building event, held on 5–6 November 2016.


This year, more than 50 historically and architecturally inspiring Sydney buildings that are usually off limits to the public are throwing open their doors. The Sydney Open Ticket offers access to a treasure trove of Sydney’s architectural gems on Sunday 6 November. In addition, there is an incredible program of Focus Tours available on Saturday 5 November, offering exclusive access to some of the city’s most unique spaces.

Sharon Veale, GML Chief Executive, is a proud Ambassador of the event because it plays a key role in ‘developing community interest in urban places and our heritage’.

She shares her insights about some of places she thinks are special in this video, having worked in public history and cultural heritage for over 18 years.


We’re thrilled that 200 George Street, Sydney—one of the newest buildings on the city’s horizon—is part of this year’s event. The artefact displays in the fabulous grand staircase, ground inlays showing the Sydney shoreline and timeline on the building in Underwood Street, demonstrate how GML worked with the project team to weave the past into this 6 Star Green Star (Office Design [v3]) building.


Interpretive timeline display along Underwood Street.